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Track all your results in one place

Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly find your results from that competition last year where you won a gold medal? Or the one where you had a great skate and got your season's best score?

Now you can! Log into iceXel and all your past competition results are nicely grouped so you can easily find the one you're looking for.

Analyze your progress

Being able to quickly find that one past competition is great. But seeing how the scores progressed over time is even better.

iceXel will group your competitions for each level and present you with score progressions for each program type. Need to refresh your memory? All the graphs are linked to the original results they pulled the data from.

Inspect different aspects of your scores and how they progressed over time. The total score is just the tip of the iceberg, explore the various "hidden" figures in your results to see where you can improve even more.

Visualize element executions history

For an even more detailed view of how your elements were scored over time, access the element execution history views. It's the easiest way to check that you really have that double-double combination in the bag.

Make plans

Define your planned programs to get a quick idea about your target scores.

Not really sure what the exact code for a planned element is? We've got you covered, start typing and we'll give you a list of options, to refresh your memory.

Log training

Keep track of your training and log program run-through details for a more accurate image of your dedication and progress between competitions.

Compare score progressions

Fascinated by that great skater you met at your last competition? Or maybe you have a role model you hope to skate like, one day.

Run score progression comparisons to see their path to success and how your progress measures up.

Then train harder to make your score line rise.

Research score placement charts

When you want to see the bigger picture and how your scores stack up, head over to the score stats area. Our up-to-date score placement charts will show you how competitive you are on the bigger arena.

Check element executions in competitions

Curious to see who else landed that double axel in the past competition? Or maybe you'd like to find out what the highest scoring element was for your level?

Pull up the competition elements search page and check it out.

Looking for more info? Visit our quick start guide and start analyzing your results today.