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Define a skater profile (for a child, student or yourself)

Skater profiles are used to gather all the information about a skater (see the help guide for more info).
The easiest way to create a skater profile is from a search result. Start by searching for a skater's results using their name (or part of their name).

On the search results page, use the "Add to your skater profiles" action to create a skater profile from a given search result.

Alternatively, you can define a profile manually, from the Skater Profiles page.
  1. Click on the Skater Profiles link in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the "Add skater profile" button on the skaters list page. Use the skater's full name, as it appears on competition reports, so we can easily identify their results for you, when you search for or upload results to our site.

When creating a skater profile, all the available results that match the skater's name (and club, if the profile is created from a search result) are automatically linked to the profile. If the skater represented multiple clubs, you'll be prompted to review some of the results before adding them to the profile (see next section).

Add results (scorecards) to a skater profile

As new results become available, you'll be prompted to add them to you skater's profile when viewing the profile page. Follow the link to review the new results and add them to the skater's profile. The results are identified based on the skater's name, so verify the club and competition parts as well to make sure you're adding proper results to the profile (relevant if skaters with the same name are found in other clubs or sections).

Add figure skating results to skater

Analyze the results

You can navigate to most of the tracking and analysis views from the skater profile page:

Skater competition results

Here are the analysis reports our site creates for your skater from the uploaded data:
  • Progress reports for each level: click the button next to each level
  • Technical elements reports : click on the element code in the list below the skating level name to see a history of that element's execution
  • Enhanced views for the competition scorecards: click on the desired competition
  • Trajectory comparison for skaters at the same level (available from the skater's progress report page, click the "Compare progress with skater" button)
  • Executed elements summary view (a history with how the value of the executed elements grew in time for the skater). Click on the "Executed Elements values" button on the skater profile's page.
  • Comparisons of skaters arsenals and their progression in time: on the "Executed Elements values" page, click the "Add skater to compare" button to add one or more skaters to the graph

Skater progress report

Executed Element progress history

Enhanced Figure Skating Competition result card, a.k.a. report card, a.k.a. scorecard