Skater Profiles
On iceXel, a skater profile is the central place where past and planned skating activity is gathered:
  • competition results
  • planned programs
  • training log (both for workout routines and program run-throughs)
  • goals
Profile types
In their simplest form, the skater profiles are used to track results for a skater. As a registered user, you can define the following types of profiles:
  • If you are a skater, you’ll create a self profile to track your own activity
  • If you are a coach, you’ll create student profiles
  • If you are a parent, you’ll create a child profile
  • If you are none of the above, but are still interested in following the results of a skater, create a followed profile
The differences between the different profiles are given in the following table:

Self Student Child Followed
Group the public results
Analyze the results
Compare public results
Private/shared planned programs
Private/shared training logs
Goals tracking
Training & goals tracking email updates & reminders (coming soon)
summary, reminders


Profile sharing
iceXel users sharing a skater's profile can access the private information accumulated under it (planned programs, private training logs & goals).

To take advantage of this information sharing, start by having one of the parties create the skater profile and share it with the other people. For instance, the parent can create their child’s profile and share it with both the skater and the coach (use the share profile with button and select the appropriate relationship).

Once the sharing invitations are accepted, the users sharing a given skater profile are indicated in the same section on the profile page (the same place where the sharing is initiated from).

If the users receiving an invitation already have a profile for this skater, they can simply delete their own (unshared) profile and start using the shared one for capturing information about the skater.

Planned programs
Available from the skater profile page, the planned program functionality allows you to capture the elements for your programs and calculate their target score. See this video for a quick walk through.

In addition to figuring out the target scores, planned programs can later be used in training logging, to capture program run-through details.

Training logs
Training log information is one of the data sets meant to be shared by skaters with their coaches and parents. The training information logged by a skater is linked to on the skater's profile page, accessible to the users sharing the skater profile.
Training routines
Training routines define the steps expected for a training session. Multiple training routines (with various degrees of details) can be defined and shared with the users following a skater's profile. In their simplest form, the training routines just specify the type of training (off-ice or on-ice) and some basic information. At the other end of the spectrum, routines with a precise sequence of steps (specifying duration and/or repetitions) can be defined for a more prescriptive approach.
Training sessions logging
A training session is logged for a specific training routine. The routine's steps are automatically listed for the session and the logging user can provide details for each one of them. Capturing a total session time (1h30m, for instance) will ensure the amount of time in this session is properly included in the training reports.
Program run-throughs
Program run-throughs are used to capture information about program executions in practice. Initiated from the main training log page, this functionality relies on previously defined planned programs.

Once a program is selected, specific details can be captured for each of its planned elements.